6/19/2024 10:36:01 AM
The rights and privacy of our guests and other employees must be respected at all times. All personal information on this Web site is to be kept in the strictest confidence.

The policies and procedures for use of this Web site are, but not limited to, as follows:

  • Do not access another Deer Valley employee's information, even if that employee gives you permission to do so
  • Do not give your ID and/or password to anyone else, including other instructors or your guests
  • Do not have your guests access this Web site to review your personal schedule when you are discussing their schedule with them. To do so would give the guest access to your entire schedule and other guests' secured information, which is a violation of our guests' privacy rights.
  • Do not tell guests or other instructors that you are available for a lesson or any other session based on this schedule, paying special attention to sold-out periods. Your availability must still be arranged with the Scheduling Department.
I understand that any violation of these terms and conditions for use of this Web site may result in disciplinary action by Deer Valley Resort, up to and including termination.
I understand that by signing in I agree to the above Polices and Procedures.